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Anger Management

Story Time with Lynn. Join Lynn as she reads "A Little Spot of Anger" written and illustrated by Diane Alber.

A short fun video teaching kids and adults how to manage their anger in 5 simple steps. Super easy to do with instant results! Try it the next time you lose your temper.

The Character Effect™ Characters learn self-management after Moffee ends up in detention for talking in class.

Jimmy is very angry today. His friend Srinu broke his favourite toy. Jimmy came back home and threw the toy on the floor. But Di calmly explains him that it is not good to throw things or hit others when one is angry. Through this amazing story know what to do when you are angry.


This video teaches kids how anxiety is a normal biological response – called “Fight, Flight, Freeze” – that can get triggered inappropriately in the modern world.

Teaching children to manage stress with the fun and loveable ZingPinMe crew. This video includes some coping skills.

Everyone has #FEELINGS - both good and not so good. Sometimes we feel happy. Sometimes we feel sad. And sometimes we feel something in between. The Feels, illustrated by Samantha Viloria, is about all the emotions we feel and how different people might feel those emotions. Today’s emotion is ANXIOUS!

Please join us for a dramatic read of Ruby Finds a Worry, Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival read by Miss Jill.

Great story about feelings and overcoming anxiety and worry and what to do.


In these segments which deal with aspects of young children's social and emotional development, our squirrel character Sticks experiences an emotion and with the help of Gisele, learns to deal with what he is feeling.

Read aloud of The Princess and the Fog by Lloyd Jones

Story Time with Lynn. Join Lynn as she reads "A Little Spot of Sadness" written and illustrated by Diane Alber.

Relationship Skills

Asking a friend to play is difficult for some children. This video will teach step by step how to ask a friend to play with you. Special topics include eye contact, communication and smiling at friends. Children will learn proper ways to approach and greet another child.

A misunderstanding between Astrobot and Haax leads The Character Effect™ Characters to learn how to develop their relationship skills by talking to each other face to face using mindfulness and their strength of bravery!

Friends play together, share together, and dance together! Elmo and Rosita know all about friendship because they are the best of friends!

Read alout of "Zach Apologizes" by William Mulcahy, Illustrated by Darren McKee, from the Zach

Responsible Decision Making

Jaime introduces us to the traffic light technique for making good choices. Stop - Breathe - Choose!

Beth Kobliner teaches Elmo about making choices.

This book is another great one by Becky Cummings! In this book she wants kids to make good choices starting with "I choose..."

"9 Stories in 1! What Should Danny Do? is an innovative, interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days, and ultimately their lives into what they will be. Written in a "Choose Your Own Story" style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he encounters choices that kids face on a daily basis. This is a read aloud video of the book if Danny were to choose the bad choices.

Self Esteem

Stinky wants to tell you about the word confidence, but he's not confident that he can do it. Of course, confidence is about believing in yourself and your ability to do what you want to do. If only Stinky could learn to practice the very definition of the word he is hoping to explain.

Educational video for kids to learn how to get to know themselves. They will identidy both their positive and negative traits, learn how others see them and how they see themselves when they look inside.

Positive thinking is a powerful way to help increase feelings of self-worth. By beginning to think positively about themselves children can learn to develop a positive attitude to life.

This video is designed for children but can be used by any age to improve positive thinking skills.

Read aloud "A Little Spot of Confidence" written and Illustrated by Diane Alber.

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