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You will find several resources that will continue to help your educate amazing students at Hughson Unified School District.  Please use anything you find on this site and reach out to the MSW clinical interns if you need further help or need more information.  Also if you have further suggestions or information that should be shared through this website, please reach out.  We are all here for HUSD students and each other. 


Check In - Check Out

Check-in/check-out is a proven PBIS initiative that can help gently correct students’ behavioral problems in school. The increased supervision and attention from educators helps kids build confidence and self-esteem. This leads to empowering them to behave better in school and reach the goals they have set for themselves. Schools that have implemented PBIS initiatives can significantly benefit from check-in/check-out and should consider it for all Tier 2 targeted students who could benefit from extra adult attention and support.

For more information check out PBIS Rewards.


QPR  stands for Question, Persuade and Refer. These three simple steps can help save the life of a suicidal person, and they can be learned by anyone.  To put it simply, you can save a life just by asking a question and then listening openly to the answer. Talking about suicide with a person may give them the idea to do it, open, frank and calm discussion with a person who is having suicidal feelings can actually open a door to hope for that person. QPR Gatekeepers know the signs of suicidal thought, and they learn to Question, Persuade and Refer the suicidal individual to get help. The simple act of asking the question, "Are you thinking of killing yourself?" can lead to saving a life.


VAR stands for Validate, Appreciate, and Refer.  Having a conversation that includes three elements — Validate, Appreciate, Refer®— is a way to listen to someone you care about and help them cope. It’s an approach that could make all the difference to that person and help prevent a crisis.

VAR is a concept that can be applied to any conversation and helps individuals feel heard and understood through validation.  VAR promotes active listening skills.

For more information check out Active Minds.  

Why SEL in the Classroom?